Samanthi Fernando

Dear friends,

My name is Samanthi Fernando, sister of Santhi and brother in law of Jan.
Several years I am working together with Jan in the projects in our Kalpitiya area.
This year Jan and I made an appointment: in one year I will take over all the projects and I will be in the front and Jan in the back seat. I will also to take care about the funds and the bookkeeping
This information is the most important reason to send this mail to you.

I know you have done a lot of work for our people in Kalpitya and spend a lot of money to the projects over the last 10 years.
Jan said: this lemon is squeezed complete and is empty, but by the start of my new volunteer job I will try and ask you for your help for a small town of Janisawipura, outside Kalpitiya.
In Janisawipura are living 70 families in a very poor lagoon place. No stone houses, no waterline, no current and no toilets.
The families are living from to catch fish for to eat or to sell. Half of the season no fish and no money.

Jan and I we build a committee in Janisawipura and several times we had a meeting.
The most biggest problems for the families are: no toilet or a water line.

We need total 70 toilets or waterlines. We have already built 25 toilets or waterlines.

I want to ask to you to help us to build again 45 toilets or waterlines.

Please, may be you can donated one toilet?
One toilet or waterline is 200eu. (33000rps) The families dig the hole for the septic tank and they pay the toilet door. Families make their own decision to get a toilet or a waterline. Both are not possible.

I am very happy if you reply to this mail on my e-mail address:

When you don’t have a toilet you have to go the bush very early in the morning at dark. Now no bush and people are going to the lagoon.
From my childhood I know what it is to have no toilet, especially for ‘big girls’.

I hope you will help us. If you like it and it is possible for you send your donation to
Stichting Kalpitiya, Reidlanswei 28, Hardegarijp op rekeningnummer : NL50 INGB 0003 2690 87 van de ING bank o.v.v. toiletten Janisawipura

De stichting is gevestigd in Hardegarijp en is op 16 april 2007 bij notariële acte ingeschreven in het handelsregister bij de Kamer van Koophandel onder nummer 01119408.
Sinds 1 januari 2011 heeft de Belastingdienst Stichting Kalpitiya aangemerkt als Algemeen Nut beoogde Instelling (ANBI-verklaring). Dit betekent dat giften/ donaties aan de Stichting afgetrokken kunnen worden van de belasting.

Sorry for my Dutch. Please, answer my mail and I hope we are working together to inspire eachother.

Best regards,
Samanthi Fernando
Social worker Kalpitiya area
Telnbr. 0094 77 59 27 674
e-mail address: samanthifernando128@gmail. com